How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaners?

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaners

Apparatus needed in cleaning the fuel injector include a lengthy and strong screw driver and a fuel injector cleaning equipment that is purchased. During purchase it is always advisable to choose the best while buying.

Procedure of using the Fuel Injector Cleaner

The cleaning process is necessary and crucial therefore the buyer should follow the instructions that are provided with the kit. The procedure is as follows.

Before commencing the clean up the buyer should disable the fuel return line orfix a u-tube so that the fuel can get back to the fuel tank, as the fuel return line is disabled the car owner should also make sure the regulator is not connected.

The cleaning equipment should be attached directly to the fuel port located on the fuel rail; the fuel lid should bedisconnected from the gas tank to make sure that there is no excessive pressure building up in the fuel system. The cleaning equipment conveys a tremendous amount of pressure into the fuel system.

The car owner should also change the ignition during the clean upto make sure that the fuel tank will shut down this will ensure that the engine does not turn over. The car owner should then open the regulator on the kit until the reading of the fuel pressure matches the one that fits the specific vehicle.

How to Use Fuel Injector CleanersAfter all this the owner can then start the engine to run the cleaning solvent through the injectors and allow it to work up to the exhaustion of the solvent. After 5 minutes the engine will shut down, the vehicle owner should then change the setting of the fuel pump button and get another gas lid.

The pressure regulator should then be connected and the car owner should then start the engine once again to confirm the fuel injectors work properly. A lengthy screw driver can be used as a tester. The car owner should pay attention to funny sounds that are produced in quick series this show the injector is in a proper operating position.

Things that should be taken into consideration while cleaning the fuel injectors

The gasoline is flammable and therefore the buyer should take proper care during the cleanup. Tough solvents can hit plastic and rubber apparatus in the fuel tank, fuel lines and valves. Critical tests like CO and HC levels may need to be added in the emissions, injector pressure drop test may also be needed to make sure that the injectors are responding to the cleaning process.

Importance of cleaning other parts of the fuel system

How to Use Fuel Injector CleanersCleaning the cars fuel injector and other components of the fuel system is economical unlike taking it to the auto service shop. A proper test, monitor of the car is necessary to ensure the fuel injectors and the other components are efficiently working.

During the cleanup it is also important to remove the fuel varnish and clean them with aerosol solvents. Parts such as the regulators and engine should also be cleaned, proper cleaning of the fuel injectors and the components can serve the car owner for years without the car ever breaking down or consuming more fuel than the intended amount.

It is important that you understand how to use the fuel injector cleaners properly as this is the only way you will eliminate all the dirt and deposits for a better functioning fuel system.

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work

Working of the fuel injector cleaner has been up for debate by most car users. Different car owners have different perceptionson use of the fuel injector cleaners, other users think it is convenient to use the fuel injector cleaner on every tank of gas purchased, others say the cleaner should be used on every oil change while others may agree once per year is enough. Others have gone ahead and disagreed with its use arguing that the car can properly work minus the fuel injector cleaner.

Most mechanics will however offer “fuel system treatment” and other will offer “fuel injector flush “, this might contradict the car owners on which brand is most suitable for cleaning the carbon deposits around the fuel system.

A preview and discussion on the myths that come with using the fuel injector cleaners will go a long way to assist the car owners in breaking the clichéd myths that come with use of the fuel injector cleaners. All gasoline products whether purchased from automotive shops or the mechanic shops have impurities, although some stations do sell better gas as compared to other stations it is advisable that the car owners purchase the gasoline at the best fuel station.

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners WorkOther fuel stations also tend to misconstrue the fuel injector facts by tricking the buyers into buying fuel that they argue have additives that work the same as the fuel injector cleaners. The gasoline on offer will be slightly expensive but it still won’t be as efficient as the fuel injector cleaner and the buyer will end up paying a little more from the purchase.

This in the long run leads to an extra uncalled for expenditure that can however be skipped if the car owner uses a fuel injector cleaner.

The gasoline is contaminated and that’s why there exists an outlet in most cars with the fuel filters. A buildup of the deposits might contaminate the fuel system causing problems, this would be noticed overtime. The deposits increase with increased mileage as more fuel is burnt and the clogging gets intense with unregularly cleanup of the fuel system.

Some of the contamination will accumulate in the bottom of the cars fuel tank, in the fuel lines and around the fuel pressure regulator though the main problem will be around the fuel injectors.

Significance of the fuel injectors

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners WorkThe fuel injectors are designed to deliver a high mist of fuel into the intake air creating an explosive mixture that takes power to the vehicle. As the deposits build up the fuel injectors will begin to malfunction, even if the injectors are not clogged any obstruction of fuel flow will change the characteristics of the fuel mist into the engine.

Fuel that poorly mixes with the intake air due to poorly flowing injector is more difficult to ignite and it will burn less efficiently than well mixed fuel. This is the main problem caused by using dirty fuel injectors; the difficult to ignite fuel mixture is what causes poor fuel mileage, harder starts, less power, higher harmful emissions and a poorly idling vehicle.

The fuel injectors come in handy as they clean up the fuel system dissolving the deposits that have built up in the fuel injectors. The fuel injector cleaner is specifically designed to dissolve the deposits that have formed around the fuel injector and in other areas of the fuel system to return the fuel system to peak efficiency.

The fuel injectors are designed to improve the fuel mileage, lower emission and maximize the engines performance without damaging any sensors or other components. Most fuels nowadays are not as poor and they come with additives it is therefore recommended to use a fuel system cleaner every 3000 miles to make sure the fuel system stays clean and deposit free.

When you are shopping for a fuel injector cleaner, it is important that you choose the best injector cleaner because this is the only way you will get the best result. There are a number of brands in the market and this might confuse most people, but you can check out the reviews here to find out the best fuel injector cleaners and their benefits.

Clogged Fuel Injector Symptoms

Clogged Fuel Injector SymptomsMost car owners find it quite the task to analyze and diagnose the health of the car’s engine, as much as it is important to clean the fuel injectors on most vehicles to keep them running smoothly when to clean them might be an issue. It is therefore important for the car owners to understand the various symptoms the dirty injectors show and how to clean them. Understanding these symptoms will give you an opportunity to know when you are dealing with a clogged system and thus you can clean it before it leads to other major problems.

If the vehicle owner does not use any fuel cleaner the fuel injected engine will get dirty and clogged to some extent. The clogging is mostly noticeable for cars that drive for short distances as multiple engine ignitions and shut offs will exacerbate the clogging. Clogging caused by the deposits is usual and unavoidable, it comes with the territory of operating modern fuel injected engines but regular maintenance of the vehicle will prevent the clogging.

Fuel injectors disperse fuel into the engine at the exact angle and quantity needed for the engine to operate optimally, there are several fuel injector nozzles that must evenly disperse the fuel, and in case a single nozzle is affected by dirt from the carbon deposit the engine performance will be affected.  Most car owners replace the injectors that have deposits of the carbon on it though it is advised not to do so as the fuel injectors work in tandem and if the buyer decides to replace one, the fuel injector will be inefficient in its operations. In case the car owner wishes to buy a single injector it is good if she replaces the whole fuel injector, though before replacing it is always good to try out cleaning the fuel injector system using a fuel injector cleaner.

However if the injectors are clogged early symptoms are hardly noticeable since modern cars come with internal sensors and computers that can adjust the fuel mixture to compensate for minor errors. When the clogging gets too severe for the car engine to adjust, the engine will suffer from the following problems:

  • Low performance – if the fuel engine is insufficient combustion will be impeded and the engines power decreases. Clogging causes for insufficient fuel supply to the combustion chamber.
  • The car’s engine will begin stalling – The clogging might cause uneven fuel supply during idling which causes the RPM to fall too low and this might result in stalling.
  • Failing emission tests –The clogging causesa decrease in fuel combustion which causes incomplete or uneven fuel burn and this increases emissions that come out through the cars exhaust system. Regular cleaning is recommended as the clogging build up and might lead to adverse engine problems.
  • Increased fuel consumption – More fuel is burnt if the fuel combustion efficiency decreases. The combustion chamber might need to burn more fuel for the engine to work as good; the car owner will end up using a lot of cash to refill.
  • Engine misfire – if the air does not mix properly with the fuel in the cylinder it might cause an incomplete combustion event, this might in turn affect the cylinder directly causing it to miss strokes causing immediate engine power loss and a noticeable sound effects. When this gets severe enough the driver will feel a jerking action from the engine.
  • The engine will begin to shutter and hesitate when the car is started – The carbon deposits will affect the engine and cause for insufficient air and fuel mixture, this will in turn affect the combustion inside the cylinders that might lead to problems noticeable over time. In some cases the car might hesitate starting.

Once the car owner notices any of the above symptoms or all of the symptoms the car owner can resort to trying out fuel injector cleaners. It is however advised to employ the fuel injector cleaner earlier to prevent any of the problems that come with the clogging. You should choose the best fuel injector cleaner with proven results to ensure that your vehicle is operating at optimum levels.

Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Really Worth It?

Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Really Worth It

Most buyers will notice a variety of fuel injector cleaners present in most automotive stores; this might pose a challenge to the buyer on what specific brand the buyer should acquire for their car. Most gasoline companies have gone ahead to promote their specific brands by arguing that the gasoline’s have detergents that keep the car running like new, this might have the car owner on conflicting thoughts because after a period of time the car will seem to lose power and the fuel mileage will seem to drop in time after covering a few thousand miles of driving.

Carbon deposits on the fuel system

Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Really Worth ItAs much as the gasoline might have detergents in it, they still cause corrosion from ethanol leaving carbon deposits in the cars fuel system, around the fuel injectors and on the back of the intake valves. This might result in combustion problems due to improper fuel mixtures entering the combustion chamber. Fuel injector cleaners come in handy for regular maintenance on new generation engines, the cleaners efficiently clean the fuel system by removing the carbon deposits.

The deposits form on vital parts of the fuel system such as the intake ports, tops of the piston and cylinder heads causing a variety of issues such as hesitation, stalling, knocking, pinging, loss of acceleration and reduced fuel economy. The parts that are most affected are the fuel injectors and intake valves.

Effect of the deposits to the fuel economy

The fuel injectors have very fine tolerances in the pintles that allow for fuel to disperse from the injector, they deliver an atomized spray of fuel that when mixed with the proper air mixture it detonates in the combustion chamber. The pintles get dirty over time and the spray pattern becomes irregular causing the spray to turn into droplets that are hard to combust. This immensely affects vehicle power and the fuel economy.

The intake valves and the ports are also susceptible to deposits the deposits act like a sponge and reduce the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber. The carbon from the unburnt fuel build up on the back of the intake valves preventing proper fuel mixture that is to enter the combustion chamber resulting in overall decrease in performance.

How frequent should the fuel cleaners be used

Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Really Worth ItThe fuel cleaner should be used on a regular basis. The intake valves should be free from deposits for efficient vehicle performance. After a few drives the components will need to be restored to the original specs, this will call for regular cleaning to enhance their performance. The additives contain detergents that regularly clean the components ,although  the formulations might differ in quality and quantity it is advisable to use a fuel cleaner that is most convenient and stable to keep the gas from oxidizing in the tank during extended periods of sittings.

The car owner should strive to purchase top of the shelf cleaners that are strong enough to clean up deposits on a port fuel injector. If a cheap fuel additive is bought it most likely won’t clean up the fuel injector as good as it should. On the other hand if the car owner purchases a high quality fuel system cleaner it will clean up the deposits in the entire fuel delivery system.

Benefits of using the fuel injector cleaners

Car owners will realize a lot of benefits on using the fuel injector cleaners. Some of the benefits include.

  • Increased mileage – The cars mileage will increase after the fuel system is cleaned because the engines operations will be more efficient. In long distance drives the car owner will notice an increased mpg.
  • Increased acceleration – The car will also accelerate faster after the cleanup, the fuel system will be of good performance in turn improving the cars acceleration.
  • Using the fuel injector cleaners is cost cutting – Unlike the regular check in to the automotive mechanics for regular clean ups the fuel cleaners are cost friendly and time saving.

The car owner should consider buying the fuel injector cleaners as it will definitely improve the cars all round performance and also save a great deal of money in repairs and maintenance.