Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment Review

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment ReviewThe Lucas 10013 fuel treatment is a fuel cleaner that cleans and lubricates the fuel system, it neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems, increases power and miles per gallon of the vehicle by burning excess exhaust emissions. This fuel treatment increases the life of fuel injectors and pumps and it is formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, on use it can be carbureted or fuel injected in the tank to dissolve with the fuel.

The engine operates at maximum efficiency if used with this fuel cleaner that has a blend of super slick oil, additives and detergent that easily dissolves the deposited carbon products.

It cleans and lubricates the carburetor and fuel injectors causing the fuel to burn thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption.  The fuel treatment cleaner is recommended for vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without causing any harmful emissions. A car owner might use it to pass smog test and it also neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.

How to use the Lucas10013 fuel treatment

The fuel treatment comes with instructions printed out on the cans of the Lucas 10013 fuel treatment. The label instructions require that the user should use 2-3 Oz per 10 gallons. In case of a new car 2 Oz per gallon or 1 Oz per 5 gallon will prove convenient. In case of purchase the car owner can purchase the product to be used later on as the prices always fluctuate with time.

The fuel also ensures smooth engine operations; the engine working smooth will ensure better mile coverage and an increase in speed of the car. Using this fuel treatment is also beneficial as it increases the cars mpg equating to an increase in mileage.

The Lucas 10013 fuel treatment – 1 gallon also diminishes ideal and gets the car back to its regular mpg causing the car to run smooth which is a great plus for the producers of this product.  The car will also run smother on cooler temperatures, most clients use the product on most of their gas powered equipment such as the lawnmower, pressure washer and all types of cars as it can easily work with most of the cars being driven around. Most vehicles will register increased acceleration if their using this fuel cleaner in their tanks, on average an increase of 2mpg which is huge if the cars commute regularly. Users have mentioned out that the product also smoothens out the idle in most of their cars.

Pros of using the Lucas

  • Smoothens out the idle in most cars – Idle is caused by the deposits that collect around the fuel system. Once the deposits are cleared out by using the fuel cleaner the idle will decrease. It might decrease abruptly if the cleaner is left to dissolve the deposit that comes by not starting the car immediately the cleaner is added to the tank of fuel.
  • It is relevantly cheap – The cleaner is relevantly cheap as compared to taking the car for regular fuel injector clean ups at the mechanics or at the automotive shops which will require frequent checkups which is time wasting and expensive since the car owner will pay for the services.
  • The product is efficient – All the car owners that have used the product have registered in great and efficient results, the car will run smoothly and with the engine, there will be a noticeable decrease in any engine related mechanical problems.
  • It is environmental friendly – The product is environmental friendly as it reduces pollution from the carbon residues that come through the exhaust when the carbon deposits are let out. It also neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.

In Conclusion

The product is efficient and it improves on the cars operations by ensuring the engine runs smooth. If the engine runs smooth the owner will register an improvement in mileage and mpg. The Lucas 10013 fuel treatment – 1 gallon is one of the best fuel treatment products in the automotive world and when used properly, it ensures that your vehicle is operating at optimum levels.

The S.U.R& R.FIC203 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit Review

The S.U.R& R.FIC203 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit The SUR&R FIC203 is an efficient 10 piece kit capable of cleaning fuel injectors, intake valves and fuel passages. It works with diesel or gasoline operated engines that enable the machine to clean thoroughly and efficiently as compared to any other aerosol method.

The SUR&R FIC203 exclusive quick connectors allow for quick, easy and non-tire some connections of the kit.It is designed in a way that it can hold up to 18oz of any canister cleaning solutions and this ensures intense cleaning of the fuel injector.

The kit has a universal set adapter that is capable of covering 80% of all foreign and domestic vehicles and it can easily be connected to shop air.

Compatibility of The S.U.R& R.FIC203 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

The kit is quite efficient in its operations and it is also less complicated, used in conjunction with a good brand name cleaner like the BG Products #210 fuel injector or Berryman #1126 fuel injector cleaner or even the OTC inject R-Kleen instant results will be noted.

Cleaning the fuel injector has several advantages and it is also advisable to frequently restore the fuel injector’s spray pattern to allow for more complete combustions which equate to more power, better gas mileage and cleaner air hence less pollution from the exhaust.

If a customer is interested in owning the fuel injector cleaning kit installation might be easy as most mechanics have proper knowledge on what is required in order to connect the kit. The fittings required to setup the kit are compatible with 80% of most of the cars in the road today.

Research done on some cars that are unworthy or engaged in accidents at the auto recycling facility support the same, fuel inlet lines in most of those cars at the recycling facility can easily allow for installation of the fuel injector cleaning kit.

A keen study of the car is also necessary to certain the location where the kit will work best since factors such as fuel pressure greatly affect the pumps operations. It is therefore appropriate to choose a pump relay location that will see for better results. Most kits in the market are quite expensive but the SUR&R FIC203 kit is sold at a friendly price and results on its operations are noted within a short period of time which makes it one of the best fuel injector cleaner. Customers are mostly satisfied with its operations and efficiency that kills on fuel wastage advantageous to customers considering the ever rising fuel prices.

Setting up the kit

Since the main purpose of purchasing the fuel injection cleaning kit would be to clean the fuel injectors an air compressor would be necessary for charging the cylinder. Most mechanics understand the standard requirements in terms of equipment needed in order to hook the fuel injector cleaning kit up to the car’s engine. With the equipment at hand the mechanic will properly hook the kit up to the car’s engine. Cleaning fluid is most necessary as it is responsible for the cleaning; the cleaning process takes about 10 minutes once the setup is complete.

Once cleaned the engines operation would be better in terms of performance and efficiency. Changing tips might not work for all cars but an adapter can be bought instead if necessary. In most cases the customer might notice less pressure or no pressure at all from the fuel injector cleaning kit, in such instances the car owners should check if the canister is filled and if filled they should look out for any leakages around the gauge.

The fuel injector cleaning kit should operate efficiently if filled with the cleaning fluid,in case of any leakages the gauge tubes must be properly examined as a bad gauge tube might cause leakages which might lead to less pressure being produced or no pressure at all and therefore the owner should consider replacement of the gauge tubes.

Advantages of cleaning the fuel injectors with the SUR&R FIC203 cleaning kit

This cleaning kit is efficient and friendly in terms of setup, it also ensures the engine runs efficiently hence less time wastage. It is also affordable and has excellent results as noted by earlier users of the kit.

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly 2007The liqui moly 2007 jectron gasoline fuel injection cleaner is a 300 milliliter cleaner that cleans contaminated petrol injection systems, removes carbon deposits from fuel pipes, fuel distribute o rsand inject valves.

This will ensure the car has less starting problems and no lean surging, smoother idling, good throttle response and low pollution that ensures compatible combustion. It saves on fuel as it promotes accurate injector dosing and fuel atomization.

Once cleaned the engine regains its original performance, fuel consumption is also reduced and it is suitable for engines with catalytic converters.

How to use the Liqui moly 2007 Jectron gasoline fuel injector cleaner

For efficient results the cleaner should be added when the tank is 1/8 full and the cleaner should be added bottleful for proper cleaning. By the time the car owner will be refilling the tank the owner will notice an improvement in the performance of the car’s engine. The change is mostly noticeable in highways when the car will be accelerating, the refill should be done twice in a year after every six months from the previous refill.

Noticeable changes in cars such as the Ram 4x4are mileage increase from 18.1 mpg to 19.7 mpg. The cleaner also helps in cooling out the engine reducing any inconveniences that might be brought by overheating of the engine; any car user might find it appropriate as it can also be used by any synthetic oil which works well with the cleaner in terms of delivery of the services the cleaner was meant to deliver. The cleaner is highly recommendable to car owners that have to use 5-20 wt. oil.

If the car owner was not using the cleaner once he starts using the cleaner at first the owner will notice the startup time will be shorter as the engine was quite down but on letting go of the clutch the engine will be seen to operate smoothly producing a smooth glide unlike the jolting sound that might have been produced earlier on. The deposits that might have been collected might prompt the car to produce a raspy irritating noise with less mileage and a lot of smoke being produced by the exhaust system of the car.

Once introduced to the fuel in the tank the engine will run smoothly. In case the car owner begins driving the car immediately the noise will reduce slowly until it cannot be heard no more, if the car owner chooses to let the cleaner dissolve after adding it to the car the owner will notice a great improvement once he starts the car since the cleaner will have dissolved the carbon deposits that gather around the fuel system. It is also advisable to use the valve cleaner that comes with the liquid moly after the tank of gas is finished.

The Liqui moly 2007 Jectron gasoline fuel injection cleaner – 300ml as stated earlier is convenient for use twice in an year if filled on a tank that is 1/8 to 1/4 full on driving change will be noted, if the tank empties it should be filled the same should be done for the valve cleans.

Pros of using the liquid moly 2007 jectron gasoline fuel injection cleaner

  • Boosts fuel efficiency – The cleaner boosts fuel efficiency in turn saving on cost as less fuel is used by the car owner and burning is also efficient.
  • The product is affordable – Compared to taking the car to an automotive shop for the mechanic to perform a fuel system cleaning which might prove costly the product offers a more convenient method of cleaning the fuel system.
  • Easy to use – The product is easy to use all the car owner should do is pour the cleaner to a fuel tank that is 1/8 to 1/4 full and let it dissolve then start the car engine

The product is efficient in its use and most users have noticed drastic change after employing the product in their fuel system.


Liqui moly 2007 Jectron gasoline fuel injection cleaner – 300ml is one of the best fuel system cleaners in the market and will ensure that your fuel system is free from dirt and carbon deposits for great performance.

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System CleanerThis is a fuel injector cleaner that is reformulated with improved deposit control. It cleans and protects against corrosive sulfur deposits that can harm fuel gauge sensors.

The kit is also capable of restoring lost power and performance; it is unbeatable at cleaning the entire fuel intake system as compared to other cleaning kits. A single ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallon tank and uses every 3,000 as part of a regular maintenance program.

Vehicle Service Type

This fuel system cleaner can easily operate when installed to most of the modern age and some vintage vehicles available. Some of the types of cars that can accommodate this premium fuel system cleaner include all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street sport motorcycles, off road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters, snowmobiles and marine personal crafts.

Product description

The Chevron 65740 Techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner 20oz premium fuel system cleaner is trusted and recommended by many automakers to help restore lost fuel and performance. Its patented polyether amine (PEA) technology is unsurpassed at cleaning deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. The system cleaner is safe and effective to use with all ethanol fuels including flex fuel like E85. Most chemical and mechanical engineers at many different auto companies advice on usage of the product as they have used it themselves and proved it’s efficient.

Tips for using the fuel system cleaner

It is convenient to move to synthetic oil if one was not using the synthetic oil. Most wear and tear are normally on startups when the car is heating up unlike the normal perception that the engine undergoes wear and tear once the engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature.

It is mostly advised not to start a car engine during winter and seconds later begin driving, after starting the engine the car owner should allow for the engine to warm up. The synthetic oil flows better, easier and quicker thus less wear and tear as the car gets to the normal warming temperatures.

Unlike the BMW and Mercedes which change synthetic every 10,000 miles, normal cars should change every 7,000 miles although higher change is also okay. Top notch filters are also necessary, they go for 25 to 50 cents at most quick change stops, most manufacturers however manufacture 3 or 4 different quality filters for the samecar it is therefore advisable to purchase the best in the category.

If the car owner uses their own oil filter at the quick oil change shops, the personnel offering theservice at the quick oil change shop will use the customers filter and give the customer a discount on the oil change.

Transmission fluid should either be changed after every 25,000 or 30,000 miles or NEVER. This transmission fluid works best with Tufoil as an additive, tufoil is good and convenient as it doesn’t cause any harm to the engine. The car owner should ensure his tank is at least 18 gallons if he is to use the 20oz if otherwise the 12oz bottle should be acquired.

On filling the transmission fluid should be poured first then the fuel. The chevron techron cleaner works in most engines but does not have great results in some not engines. Most buyers are quick to term the product as a fraud not knowing the product is not compatible with their engines.

On the hand the chevron 65740 techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner does not fix everything or all the problems associated with the fuel injector.

Unlike some products which will tend to disappoint the car owner if used on a car that is to be driven for a long distance the Techron will have a vehicle drive at an attractive mileage with a crisp throttle response without any disappointment such as decreased mileage, rough idle sound which vibrates the vehicle parts, hesitation or stalling that might be caused when other products are used in cleaning the fuel system

Chevron engineers have gone to reveal that chevron refineries add an equivalent of 1oz of techron per 16 gallons in their regular and premium gasoline hence price convenient for use.

Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner Review

Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Fuel Treatment and Injector CleanerThis fuel treatment and injector cleaner quickly disperses moisture and dissolves gum, varnish and other fuel residues from the entire fuel system i.e. fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors, valves, rings and pistons with H.E.S.T.  Consistent use of the product ensures higher compression, fewer repairs, lower operating cost from regular clean up by mechanics and increased spark plug and injector life.

The product is available in both consumer and commercial sizes; it is also catalytic convertible and is oxygen sensor safe.

The product is compatible with a number of vehicles such as, all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, and street sport motorcycles, off road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters, snowmobiles and marine personal craft.

All this cars can conveniently use the product which improves their purpose and road worthiness.

How to use the Berryman 0116 B-12

Setup of the fuel cleaner is quite easy, on use a can full of Berryman 0116 B-12 chemtool carburetor / fuel treatment and injector cleaner – 15 oz B should be put inside the tank and a small amount poured into the top of the carburetor. The fuel cleaner should be left to settle for about 45 minutes inside the tank to allow for the fuel cleaner to start cleaning up the deposits that are deposited around the fuel system that come out through the vehicles exhaust system.

Once the fuel cleaner is left to settle it will clean the fuel injector, valves, fuel pipes and all the other components around the engine. On starting the engine the engine will run properly and efficiently like a brand new engine. The berryman fuel cleaner is able to burn the rpms at a more efficient rate as it cleans the carbon deposits off the piston heads.

On mixing the fuel cleaner with the fuel in the tank the car will be seen to improve on its operations in terms of mileage gas consumption and smooth drives. In case the car owner notices a problem associated with the engine or the fuel system, before disposing off the fuel injector the car owner should first consider introducing the Berryman fuel cleaner to clean up the fuel system.

Application of the fuel cleaner is quite easy as the canisters come with instructions that are meant to guide the car owner on the amount of fuel cleaner that should be used in relation to the amount of fuel available in the tank. Most users use this product and incase the user finds the instructions unworthy the owner can always resort to online help as the product has many followers online who might assist the car owner with knowledge on use of the product.

Pros of using the Berryman 0116

  • It is conveniently cheap – The berryman 0116 B is conveniently cheap since the car owner will not have to take the car to the mechanics for regular cleaning of the fuel system which might prove costly and time wasting as the owner will need to take the car to the mechanics regularly for the cleanup.
  • Increases the engines operations towards betterment of the cars operations – The fuel cleaner cleans the area around the fuel system cleaning out all the carbon deposits that might have been deposited around the fuel system, this ensures the engine works efficiently hence an increase in mileage of the car.
  • The fuel cleaner is also easy to use – The fuel cleaner comes with canisters that are easy to use since they have instructions printed out that are easy to follow, in case the user finds the instructions challenging a call can be made to the service provider for assistance or resort to internet help.

Cons of using the Berryman 0116

  • Quite expensive – The fuel cleaner is quite expensive but convenient and cuts on miscellaneous cost that might be used on the fuel cleaning processes.


The Berryman 0116 B-12 chemtool carburetor / fuel treatment and injector cleaner – 15 oz is one of the best fuel cleaners in the market and will remove all the dirt and carbon deposits to leave your engine clean and functioning properly.

Bg 44k Fuel System Cleaner Power Enhancer

Bg 44k Fuel System Cleaner Power EnhancerThe BG 44K fuel system cleaner can contain 11 ounces of high quality detergents and additives that the car owner pours right into the gas tank to restore performance and improve gas mileage. It clears out all the unnecessary deposits in the combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on the cars valves restoring flow in the fuel injectors; it basically cleans up the entire fuel system.

The quality of gasoline is consistent and if poor quality gas at the pump is to be used it will lead to carbon deposit as the gas is burnt, inefficient ignition at the combustion chamber and poor power output. Small engines are sensitive and also find it hard to operate if burning of fuel at the combustion chamber produces any form of deposit that build up around the fuel injectors, intake ports or the intake valves. Even small amounts of the deposits might cause an increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, drivability problems and in worse cases the engine might knock.

The BG 44K is formulated to safely and rapidly clean up the entire fuel system including, fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, fuel filters and the combustion chambers. It does so by providing efficient removal of upper engine deposits reducing problems caused by the deposit buildup. The cleaner has proved to increase combustion quality and power output; it will provide a quick cleanup of clogged fuel injectors and corrosive deposits at the fuel sending unit. The BF 44K is also compatible with all fuel system materials, alcohol blended fuels and common fuel additives.

How to use the BG 44K

The product comes with a can that has instructions of its use printed out on it. It also has a card funnel that is quite inconvenient so the user should have a subsequent longer plastic funnel that will allow for pouring the content into the cars tank. The BG 44k is poured onto the tank if it is half a tank full a quarter should be poured to make the tank three quarters full though this might differ with different car models. The car owner should clearly adhere to the instructions for the specified car. The three quarter mixture is convenient and long lasting for service of the car.

The longer the mixture stays in the fuel tank the better it becomes in cleaning, the car owner should therefore try and cover less mileage at a fast speed once the cleaner is introduced to the fuel tank for mixing with the present fuel. This allows for the mixture to dissolve all the deposits present around the fuel system after the engine is shut off which allows for efficient cleaning and on starting the car it would be faster.

Pros of using the BG 44K fuel system cleaner

  • The fuel cleaner is convenient – The BG 44K has proved convenient to most of its users who have good things to say about it. It efficiently cleans the deposits left around the fuel system.
  • The fuel system cleaner is cheap – As compared to regular cleanup of the fuel system by the mechanics use of the BG 44K fuel cleaner is cheaper since the cleanup is seldom unlike regular drive ins to the car mechanics to clean the fuel injectors.
  • It increases the cars mileage and power – Once added to the fuel tank the fuel system clean removes all the deposits that might have collected around the fuel system improving the engines operations and hence better performance of the car.
  • The product is easy to use – The product is easy to use and the car owners can easily follow the instructions on the can before adding the fuel cleaner to the fuel tank.

Cons of using the BG 44K fuel system cleaner

  • Distribution is insufficient – The products distribution is not in abundance though available in most car retail stores.
  • The card funnel might prove inconvenient – The user might be required to have a subsequent longer plastic funnel for pouring the fuel cleaner into the tank.

This fuel cleaner is convenient and best in improving the cars overall performance.

OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner Review

OTC 7448 Fuel Injection CleanerThe OTC 7448 fuel injection cleaner is a cleaning kit that cleans most effectively if used with solvents as compared to cleaning with other aerosol methods. This cleaning kit has gauge hoses and instructions on how it can be connected directly to the shop air supply. It works with all OTC fuel injection adaptors and it is also outstanding as the sellers offer a lifetime warranty with its purchase.

The customer should purchase a proper adaptor that fits the vehicles fuel system as well as the OTC cleaner for efficient cleaning results. When connecting pressure it should be regulated to ensure that fuel is sent back to the fuel tank, it is also important to disable the fuel tanks to avoid leakages.

The OTC cleaner has good gauges, body, hose and fittings however some adjustments should be made for the top gasket “O” ring which tends to stretch quickly after a few cycles of use forcing the owner to purchase a new gasket. Improvements on this have definite efficient results and therefore the car owner should have an extra O ring top gasket at hand.

How to Use The OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

The OTC is one of the best fuel injector pump cleaning kit and its setup is easy as one will clearly follow the manual instructions and if the kit comes minus a manual a call to the customer service line will have the company send one without hesitation. The kit comes with a hose which is of good length and has unique ends with quick fit adaptors although some drawbacks come minus adaptors forcing the buyer to use adaptors from pressure tester kit, during connection the adaptors should be removed and the hose screwed on a number of brass fitting connectors as the basic connection.

After this connection the rest is clearly stated on the manual for easy follow up by the buyer. The OTC 7448 fuel injection cleaner works great and is easy to use once connected.

In case of any top seal leakages which might be caused from frequent use of the product, oiling should be done on the top seals to prevent the leakages.  Cleaning solutions might also be difficult to find and in such instances the buyer should resort to online purchase of the needed solution. After cleanup the injectors will work just fine as most clients tend to start fixing the injectors before using fuel injector cleaners to clean the fuel injector.

Different adaptors might be needed during the connection depending on the application or the engine and this might prove costly however once purchased minor breakdowns will be avoided and the car will operate efficiently.

The cleaning process is easy, the car owner should simply pull the fuel pump relay and let the engine run off a single cleaner can; an air compressor will be needed to apply pressure on the cleaner and allow for flow of the cleaning fluid. The OTC kit also has an in built air regulator that allows for regulation of pressure, the owner should regulate the pressure at 5 psi under what the vehicles fuel regulator is set at.

If the car has a large fuel rail an adaptor that works efficiently with the large fuel rails should be purchased for easier connection to the fuel rail.

Pros of using the cleaning kit

  • The kit is less expensive – As compared to other cleaning kits the OTC is relevantly cheap but it does serve the same purpose as the other fuel injector cleaning kits.
  • The OTC cleaning kit is efficient – The kit is efficient in the cleanup processes and it also ensures the fuel injectors are clean enough minimizing pollution.
  • Easy to setup – The buyer can easily setup the cleaner with sufficient instructions from the manual or subsequent read ups from relevant internet sites.

Cons of using the cleaning kits

  • The cleaner might come with adaptors that are not compatible with the owner’s car – In most cases the buyers have complained of having to purchase subsequent adaptors to be connected to the kit for cleanup.

The kit is relevantly efficient and users have good things to say about its operations.

Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Injection Cleaner & Tester Kit

Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Injection Cleaner & Tester KitThe Air Pneumatic vacuum system fuel injector injection cleaner & tester kit cleans up carbon deposits from the intake system and the combustion chamber restoring the lost power and hence the car owner can rediscover the power of his engine as he drives.

The air pneumatic vacuum system cleans the fuel injector, intake valves, combustion chamber, vacuum system, parts and valves and also tests the engine system pressure, fuel pump pressure and the sealing condition of the return line diaphragm. It has the 18 NPT / PSI &Kg / cm2 thread, whose application is universal for all car models.

Features of The Kit

Cleans parts and valves of the fuel system: The fuel injector cleaning kit can thoroughly clean parts and valves of the fuel system to ensure the engine runs smoothly.

Cleans the fuel injector: The fuel injector is the area where the carbon deposits are deposited, the kit is convenient as it cleans the fuel injector to ensure that all the deposits are removed.

Cleans the combustion chamber: The combustion chamber is the area where most fuel is burned resulting to deposits of carbon, gums and other residues left behind as the fuel is burned. The kit ensures a thorough cleanup of the combustion chamber.

Tests the current engine pressure: The fuel injector cleaning kit checks on the current engine pressure of the car to ensure it is constant throughout. The engine pressure should be constant to ensure the engine works properly.

Tests the fuel pump pressure: Pump pressure is the main determinant of the mileage the car is going to cover, the kit checks on the cars fuel pump pressure.

Benefits of Using The Kit

The kit is beneficial in several ways as discussed below.

The kit is cost saving as money that would have been spent on paying a car mechanic to clean up the fuel injector would be spent elsewhere. The car owner will also monitor the cleanup which ensures thorough cleanup of the fuel injector and the valves.

The product comes with all the other necessary items needed in setting up the cleaning kit. The buyer can therefore be certain that all the other relevant items needed to work in conjunction with the cleaning kit will be available once a purchase of the kit is made.

The kit ensures an increase in acceleration, mileage and mpg rating since it cleans up the residues that are flashed out through the vehicles exhaust system.

Pros of using the cleaning kit

  • The cleaning kit is easy to use: The kit has proved easy to use as the fuel injector can be cleaned without having to bring it out of the car. With simple instructions, you will only need a few steps and the fuel system will be clean.
  • Items that come with the cleaning kit are made of good quality: The items are long lasting and whether they are to be used frequently or once in a while, the certainty of durability is guaranteed.
  • It serves the purpose it is intended for: The buyer can be sure the product will be efficient in cleaning up the fuel injectors and valves among other uses and this leads to the optimum performance of the vehicle.
  • The cleanup works immediately the cleaning kit is installed: If the car owner drives the car before installing the fuel injector cleaning kit, once installed a difference will be noted.

Cons of Using The Kit

  • The kit comes with an unfriendly manual: The kits manual is not engaging on the specific items to be used with the fuel injector cleaner hence the buyer should have an idea of how the items it comes with work.
  • The product comes with a single canister: In processes where more than a canister is needed the extra canister will have to be bought. But since most processes at home will require a single canister, the product is standard.


The buyer should know how often he would need to use the kit, it is however advisable to use the cleaner about twice in a year. This is one of the best fuel injector pump cleaners and can be used often.

OTC Tools (7448A) Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister Review

OTC Tools (7448A) Fuel Injection Cleaner CanisterThe kit is designed for cleaning fuel rails and injectors, the recommended process runs the engine with a strong cleaning solvent like OTCs 7000A pro inject R-Kleen that is sold separately, and the solvent is introduced directly into the fuel rail where maximum benefits are achieved. The deposited material is dissolved and removed through the exhaust system; the kit is manufactured from stainless steel hydraulic cylinder, has 22oz capacity and is able to handle pressure of up to 30,000 psi. It comes with a full size cap that makes addition of solvents easier and prevents spillage. The 3-1/2 gauge allows for simpler and accurate setup of the outlet pressure.

The hose is removable, has improved storage options and in case of damages it can easily be replaced. A blowout attachment has been added to the cleaner to improve on performance life, it also ensures any residual solvent can be removed from the hose with shop air supply.

The fuel injector cleaner can do the following

The cleaner can properly and efficiently clean the fuel injector if used together with a good cleaning solvent. The product is placed on the fuel rail so that it is in direct contact with the fuel rail hence efficient cleanup of the deposits deposited on the rail.

The cleaner can handle pressures of up to 30,000 psi which means it can be accommodated in almost all types of vehicles. The full size cap it comes with allows for solvent addition and also prevents against spillage of the solvent entirely.

The product comes with a manual which assists the buyer in relating to matters that involve the product use. The product is useful as it can help the user in solving all the cleaning problems,in case of any challenge the user can always refer to the manual.

Pros of Using The Kit

The fuel injection cleaner canister has proved to be efficient and convenient for use by most users, below are some advantages of using the product.

  • It is easy to use – As much as the product might seem complicated for use it is quite easy only if the user adheres to the manuals instructions. There are different ways of using the product depending on what type of car the canister is to be used in; some cars have installation steps that definitely differ from other cars. The fuel injectors can also be cleaned without having to bring them out of the car.
  • The product is made of quality materials – The product is made from expensive materials that are durable and can withstand all sorts of conditions in the different vehicles the product is to be installed.
  • It has a seal that works great – The solvent in the canisters can prove problematic if by any chance it happens to spill. The product is hence designed in a way that prevents against spillage and ensures that more of the solvent goes to the fuel system and doesn’t spill.
  • Use of the product is cheaper – As compared to taking the vehicle to the car shop for thorough cleaning, the proper use of the product will be less costly and also saves on time.

Cons of Using The Kit

  • The gauge does not register pressure at zero – The gauge will not register the zero reading hence the vehicle owner will be required to put pressure on it for it to start working.
  • It needs other subsequent supplies for it to work –The product works in conjunction with other products that must be purchased separately for the owner to have great results this might prove costly.

The car fuel system should be cleaned for the following reasons. If the car doesn’t start with ease; carbon deposits might have attached to the spark plug making it hard for the car to start. If by any chance the cars mpg decreases cleaning will be necessary as the pipes and valves might be absorbing the carbon deposit hence reducing the cars mpg. It is also important to clean the car fuel system if the cars power has gone down. Before replacing the injector it is necessary to first clean it.

In Conclusion

The OTC TOOLS (7448A) Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister is a great product that will ensure your car is performing at its optimum levels when it comes to fuel consumption.