Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System CleanerThis is a fuel injector cleaner that is reformulated with improved deposit control. It cleans and protects against corrosive sulfur deposits that can harm fuel gauge sensors.

The kit is also capable of restoring lost power and performance; it is unbeatable at cleaning the entire fuel intake system as compared to other cleaning kits. A single ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallon tank and uses every 3,000 as part of a regular maintenance program.

Vehicle Service Type

This fuel system cleaner can easily operate when installed to most of the modern age and some vintage vehicles available. Some of the types of cars that can accommodate this premium fuel system cleaner include all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street sport motorcycles, off road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters, snowmobiles and marine personal crafts.

Product description

The Chevron 65740 Techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner 20oz premium fuel system cleaner is trusted and recommended by many automakers to help restore lost fuel and performance. Its patented polyether amine (PEA) technology is unsurpassed at cleaning deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. The system cleaner is safe and effective to use with all ethanol fuels including flex fuel like E85. Most chemical and mechanical engineers at many different auto companies advice on usage of the product as they have used it themselves and proved it’s efficient.

Tips for using the fuel system cleaner

It is convenient to move to synthetic oil if one was not using the synthetic oil. Most wear and tear are normally on startups when the car is heating up unlike the normal perception that the engine undergoes wear and tear once the engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature.

It is mostly advised not to start a car engine during winter and seconds later begin driving, after starting the engine the car owner should allow for the engine to warm up. The synthetic oil flows better, easier and quicker thus less wear and tear as the car gets to the normal warming temperatures.

Unlike the BMW and Mercedes which change synthetic every 10,000 miles, normal cars should change every 7,000 miles although higher change is also okay. Top notch filters are also necessary, they go for 25 to 50 cents at most quick change stops, most manufacturers however manufacture 3 or 4 different quality filters for the samecar it is therefore advisable to purchase the best in the category.

If the car owner uses their own oil filter at the quick oil change shops, the personnel offering theservice at the quick oil change shop will use the customers filter and give the customer a discount on the oil change.

Transmission fluid should either be changed after every 25,000 or 30,000 miles or NEVER. This transmission fluid works best with Tufoil as an additive, tufoil is good and convenient as it doesn’t cause any harm to the engine. The car owner should ensure his tank is at least 18 gallons if he is to use the 20oz if otherwise the 12oz bottle should be acquired.

On filling the transmission fluid should be poured first then the fuel. The chevron techron cleaner works in most engines but does not have great results in some not engines. Most buyers are quick to term the product as a fraud not knowing the product is not compatible with their engines.

On the hand the chevron 65740 techron concentrate plus fuel system cleaner does not fix everything or all the problems associated with the fuel injector.

Unlike some products which will tend to disappoint the car owner if used on a car that is to be driven for a long distance the Techron will have a vehicle drive at an attractive mileage with a crisp throttle response without any disappointment such as decreased mileage, rough idle sound which vibrates the vehicle parts, hesitation or stalling that might be caused when other products are used in cleaning the fuel system

Chevron engineers have gone to reveal that chevron refineries add an equivalent of 1oz of techron per 16 gallons in their regular and premium gasoline hence price convenient for use.