Gumout 800001706 Octane Booster 10 Oz

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The gumout octane cleaner is a fuel additive that stops knocks and pinging. It boosts the machines octane rating and helps reduce emission. This octane booster is safe for use in turbo and supercharged vehicles and it doesn’t void OEM /manufacturer’s warranty.

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Use of the product

A user once spoke of increased acceleration of his 2005 Infiniti G35 with the VQ35DER motor whose engine started pinging and registered decreased acceleration through the 3-4k RPM. The user thought the problem was with the gas but the problem was consistent even with different fuel purchase from different fuel stations, after purchasing the gumout octane booster the pinging stopped and the car user noticed a smoother and strong acceleration.

The pingingis caused by the carbon that has built up around the fuel system; the gumout octane booster dissolves the carbon deposits that form around the fuel system, combustion chambers and the intake valves.

Unlike other fuel cleaners the gumout octane booster is good enough as it protects the engine from knocking under certain conditions, the carbon deposits might cause some clogging around the fuel system, the deposits act as a sponge and doesn’t allow enough fuel to reach the combustion chamber to be burnt.

The engine will in turn find it strenuous to burn the little fuel that comes through the fuel injector, persistentclogging goes to affect the vehicle a long way as the fuel system will be clogged to some great extent.

In terms of use the vehicle owner should be keen while mixing; he should also stay alert in order to mix the octane booster in proper proportions to the fuel in the machines tank, easy to follow instructions on mixing come with purchase of the product. Proper results can be hard to notice if the buyer mixes the product in bad proportions with the fuel in the tank. Use of cheaper brandsof the octane booster might also prove tricky in noticing efficient results.

The car owner should therefore purchase a top of the shelf brand of the booster and incase the mixing instructions miss a call to the service line will prove important, they will send the instruction on request.

How to use the product

Use of the product is easy on realizing or equipping oneself with the proper mixing proportions the car owner can easily mix the product. It is advised to let the mixture settle in after mixing, this is to enable the octane booster dissolve the carbon deposits. The fuel also boosts as it ensures the impurities that might be in the fuel are washed out. The impurities on burning produce a lot of smoke that might pose as an environmentalhazard in terms of pollution

Owners of high muscle cars are advised to use the product as it is efficient in its services.  Pump gas is not enough and in terms of clogging the car owner can notice a great disappointment, they are therefore advised to use the product to prevent against any clogging that might cause future inconveniences.

The product is one of the best in the market and it will help in ensuring that the vehicle is performing at optimum levels.

Pros of using the gumout 800001706 octane booster

Using the product comes with certain advantages that are of great importance to the car owner as the owner will realize a lot of benefits from its use. Some of the advantages include.

  • Increased acceleration – The car owner will realize a smooth and strong improved acceleration after using the product, the product cleans the fuel system and removes all the carbon deposits that might cause the cars performance to decline.
  • The gumout octane booster is relevantly cheap – Unlike other boosters this is cheap, convenient and efficient, it also cuts on cost as the car will not need regular check ins at the automotive shops for clean ups.

The product is efficient and the only challenge might be the mixing ratios but on inquiry a proper mixing ratio can be found. This is one of the best octane boosters in the market and if you want to ensure that your vehicle is performing at optimum levels, this product is highly recommended.