Lucas Oil 10026 PK12 Octane Booster Review

Lucas Oil 10026 PK12 Octane Booster ReviewLucas oil octane is a fuel booster that comes in packs of 12 and has been tested and proved to deliver three times more boost than the other fuel system cleaners. It is safe for turbo oxygen sensors and more. The fuel cleaner stops knocks that might be caused by deposits around the fuel system by cleaning the system and it also raises the performance in high compression engines.

The Lucas octane booster is a genuine performance enhancer that is safe for use for any gasoline engine. A single bottle of 15 Oz treats up to 25 gallons of fuel. Its use is safe as the product is clean and burns fuel releasing very few emissions, it is very much suitable for use in most fuel injected and carbureted engines.

How the product works

It works well on all cars old cars included, the product also contains manganese fuel additive MMTs and a writing “not street worthy” can be seen. Buyers whose cars are under warranty are cautioned against buying the product since the manganese additive can be harmful to certain car censors. Unlike most octane boosts this has been proven efficient as reviewed by most of its users.

Once added to the fuel in the tank of the car a great difference can be noted as the mileage increases and the cars power can easily be noted. For cars with optimized motors for instance a BMW M3 which has a motor optimized for 93 octane gas use of this Lucas high octane boost is good since the optimized 93 motors are hard to find around.

The product can be bought cheaply at amazon unlike purchase at the regular stores which sell it at $9.99, a car buyer can buy it in stock from amazon considering the ever fluctuating prices, on second purchase amazon will in detail equip the buyer with knowledge of what price the buyer bought the fuel booster the last time the buyer made a purchase.

Buyers whose cars have mechanical problems such as pinging will notice an improvement  as the car’s engine timing can be adjusted to where it should be without pinging once the car owner adds the Lucas fuel booster to their cars fuel system.

A combination of the octane booster and the Lucas fuel treatment approximately 6 Oz octane booster with 10 Oz of fuel treatment keeps the fuel injectors clean. This is important because injectors get clogged up and mpg and performance declines. If the car owner takes the car to the automotive dealer he will be charged much more as compared to the owner cleaning the fuel injectors personally.

Unlike other fuel boosters the Lucas fuel booster smoothensthe Rpms, has the car at a better acceleration, and makes the car drive at an increased mpg. Whether the car is to be driven for a long distance or short distance change toward the better will be noted.

Pros of using the Lucas oil 10026 octane boosters

If the car owner drives regular once adding the fuel booster there will be a definite change towards the good. The fuel has several advantages as discussed below.

  • Increased mpg – Once added to the fuel tank the fuel booster will clean the fuel system and the car owner can notice an increased mpg more or so if the car owner is driving for long distances.
  • Better acceleration – A smooth engine definitely means that the car will accelerate at a faster rate since the engine is operating as it should at a hundred per cent.
  • It saves on cost – The booster saves on cost as the car owner can efficiently maneuver on a clean fuel system that the car owner has cleaned personally unlike taking the car for a cleanup to be made on the engine system at the automotive shop.

Users of the product have nothing but good things to say about the product.

Cons of using the Lucas oil 10026 octane boosters

  • The product contains manganese fuel additives (MMTs) – The additive can be harmful to certain car sensors.

Overall, this booster will ensure that your vehicle is performing at maximum levels and save you a great deal of money in repairs and maintenance.