OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner Review

OTC 7448 Fuel Injection CleanerThe OTC 7448 fuel injection cleaner is a cleaning kit that cleans most effectively if used with solvents as compared to cleaning with other aerosol methods. This cleaning kit has gauge hoses and instructions on how it can be connected directly to the shop air supply. It works with all OTC fuel injection adaptors and it is also outstanding as the sellers offer a lifetime warranty with its purchase.

The customer should purchase a proper adaptor that fits the vehicles fuel system as well as the OTC cleaner for efficient cleaning results. When connecting pressure it should be regulated to ensure that fuel is sent back to the fuel tank, it is also important to disable the fuel tanks to avoid leakages.

The OTC cleaner has good gauges, body, hose and fittings however some adjustments should be made for the top gasket “O” ring which tends to stretch quickly after a few cycles of use forcing the owner to purchase a new gasket. Improvements on this have definite efficient results and therefore the car owner should have an extra O ring top gasket at hand.

How to Use The OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

The OTC is one of the best fuel injector pump cleaning kit and its setup is easy as one will clearly follow the manual instructions and if the kit comes minus a manual a call to the customer service line will have the company send one without hesitation. The kit comes with a hose which is of good length and has unique ends with quick fit adaptors although some drawbacks come minus adaptors forcing the buyer to use adaptors from pressure tester kit, during connection the adaptors should be removed and the hose screwed on a number of brass fitting connectors as the basic connection.

After this connection the rest is clearly stated on the manual for easy follow up by the buyer. The OTC 7448 fuel injection cleaner works great and is easy to use once connected.

In case of any top seal leakages which might be caused from frequent use of the product, oiling should be done on the top seals to prevent the leakages.  Cleaning solutions might also be difficult to find and in such instances the buyer should resort to online purchase of the needed solution. After cleanup the injectors will work just fine as most clients tend to start fixing the injectors before using fuel injector cleaners to clean the fuel injector.

Different adaptors might be needed during the connection depending on the application or the engine and this might prove costly however once purchased minor breakdowns will be avoided and the car will operate efficiently.

The cleaning process is easy, the car owner should simply pull the fuel pump relay and let the engine run off a single cleaner can; an air compressor will be needed to apply pressure on the cleaner and allow for flow of the cleaning fluid. The OTC kit also has an in built air regulator that allows for regulation of pressure, the owner should regulate the pressure at 5 psi under what the vehicles fuel regulator is set at.

If the car has a large fuel rail an adaptor that works efficiently with the large fuel rails should be purchased for easier connection to the fuel rail.

Pros of using the cleaning kit

  • The kit is less expensive – As compared to other cleaning kits the OTC is relevantly cheap but it does serve the same purpose as the other fuel injector cleaning kits.
  • The OTC cleaning kit is efficient – The kit is efficient in the cleanup processes and it also ensures the fuel injectors are clean enough minimizing pollution.
  • Easy to setup – The buyer can easily setup the cleaner with sufficient instructions from the manual or subsequent read ups from relevant internet sites.

Cons of using the cleaning kits

  • The cleaner might come with adaptors that are not compatible with the owner’s car – In most cases the buyers have complained of having to purchase subsequent adaptors to be connected to the kit for cleanup.

The kit is relevantly efficient and users have good things to say about its operations.